Strong Track’s a hero; as good as sail-makers, spar-builders and sailors say.

Mr. Strong,

This is a long overdue letter to tell you how much I appreciate the special considerations you made for us regarding the Tides Marine Strong Track. You may recall that your gift was arranged by Robert Quates, formally the Chief Engineer at Charleston Spars. As part of our 6 ½ year rebuild, we installed a 4-foot-taller mast based on a Spar-Craft S330 mast section in our highly modified Cape Dory 36, Far Reach. As the Far Reach is engine free the ability to raise and lower the mainsail instantly and without fanfare, regardless the wind conditions or point of sail, is critical. Following the simple directions included with the track we easily installed the Strong Track with the mast in the boat in June 2015 just before launching.

In December of 2015 we double-handed the Far Reach, via the offshore route from Cape Lookout NC to the British Virgin Islands. It was a demanding 1600 nm upwind passage with the last five days in 30-35 knot winds and 10-14 seas. I spent five glorious months sailing in the West Indies with my family. In Late May I single-handed the Far Reach 1340 nm back to NC from Sint Maarten. The passage home was all downwind and was just a wonderful trip. Please see the attached photo.

The Strong Track proved itself to be every bit as good as I had been led to believe based on the input of sail-makers, spar-builders, and the testimonies of numerous sailors. The Strong Track has worked flawlessly. It shows as new even though it was worked hard and spent every day in a harsh salt filled tropical environment. Regardless of the point of sail, the main is easy to raise, can be reefed easily even when it’s been reaching and running, and drops like a cannon-ball. Of the many modifications we made to the boat, the Strong Track remains one of the heroes of the trip–a fantastic piece of equipment.

I would be happy to speak to anyone that wants to know more about how the Strong Track performs in the real world.

Best Regards,
John Stone S/V Far Reach

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We wouldn’t raise our reef or mainsail without Tides Marine.

Jeff, For 48,000 nautical miles, over thirteen years of world sailing, we have relied on Tides Marine SailTrack and Slide Systems. From heaving-to in South Pacific gales, beating south to New Zealand, to 28 days of steady tradewind sailing across the Atlantic Ocean –...

The Tides Marine sail track is “magic.” Enough said.

Crazy Partner just installed a new sail track from Tides Marine. Bahamian Racing Sloops start at anchor with sails down, so sail track makes a huge difference in getting away fast from the starting line. At the February 2020 Farmers Cay Regatta, Crazy Partner jumped...

Exceptionally helpful; tracked down cause and delivered remedy.

When I recently bought a "new to me" yacht, it was fitted with a tides marine series one shaft seal. After some work done to rectify shaft alignment issues, the seal developed a leak. The cause was not obvious but the people at Tides Marine were exceptionally helpful....

20 flawless years in, zero failure after 45,000 operating hours.

I have used the Tides Marine rudder dripless seal on my commercial fishing vessel in Alaska for 20 years and 45,000 hrs of operations without failure. Just ordered a new one to bring everything back up to new specs and look forward to another 20 yrs of flawless...

There is no comparison to the old track I used to use.

I sailed with Tides Marine Track on my Class-A sloop “Red Stripe” in Best of the Best Regatta in Nassau, December 2018. On the track from Tides Marine... the difference is like night and day. It is absolutely perfect. I enjoy it so much and thanks to Tides Marine for...

Very impressive. Quick response and the issue resolved ASAP!

My Tides Marine track was installed in 2003 on our high performance, home built cat. Over the years, it has served us and the previous owner well with our 450 sq ft High Aspect main on a 43 foot wingmast. The large full battened fathead main slides up and down easily....

Strong Track keeps our mainsail dependable and I trust it.

Sailing Vessel "Carlyn" is a 61ft yawl, built in 1996 and designed and built by the Scarano Brothers in Albany, NY. She has been sailing her entire life here in the Salish Sea of Washington State and in the Inside Passage of British Columbia. We sail with children,...

18 years and 10,000 hours on my seal: thanks for the dry bilge.

Hi Dennis and thank you. Here is an update on my Tides Marine dripless shaft seal. So 18 years and 10,000 engine hours ago I got my first Tides Shaft seal. We are on our second one now, and I noticed for the first time that there was a little leak, a little salt on...

With gratitude for your generosity, professionalism, and staff.

Tides Marine, Thank you for donating the SailTrack system for “Ithaka,” our new Swan 441. Ithaka is the flagship of the Washington Yacht Club. Getting the mast usable for sailing was the key obstacle in getting this boat usable for our students and members. Your...

Excellent service and a firm that stands behind their products.

Dear Dennis, You will recall that we had correspondence last year with respect to a Strong Shaft Seal that refused to seal completely. You sent me a new unit, which I was unable to install until this spring. I wrote to you on May 13th that I had installed the seal and...

Sail that sets beautifully, and service to be proud of.

Dear Tides Marine, In 2010 we had a Tides Marine sail slide/track system installed in Fort Lauderdale. We now cruise the West Coast of Mexico and love the system. We use a sail cradle, with lazy jacks and let me tell you when we drop the main stand back. It comes...

A stand-out in customer service, an experience not often found.

Jeff, My name is Jeff Stack and I run a small custom sailboat service company out of Chicago (Chicago Marine Group LLC). My company takes on the projects that many of the boat yards do not want to tackle; cutlass bearings, installing davits, re-power & gen-set...

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