ABS, Lloyd’s & ISO Certificates

Tides Marine is an ISO-9001 certified company and our products are approved by ABS and Lloyd’s. Find links below to the certificates that have been assigned to Tides Marine products and our ISO 9001 certification. You may download or print out any of these certificates.

SureSeal Shaft Seals

The SureSeal Drip-Free Self-Aligning Shaft Seal from Tides Marine

Upper Rudder Bearings

Upper Rudder Bearings Low Profile and Standard Profile

Rudder Port Bearings

Rudder Port Bearings Type C, D, E, G, H and Tube Systems

Rudder Port Bearing Type I

The Type I Rudder Port Bearing

Hose Adaptor with Pneumatic Bladder

Shaft Seal Hose Adaptor with Pneumatic Bladder

Lloyd's Register - All Products

Lloyd’s Register for SureSeal Shaft Seals and Rudder Port Bearings

ISO 9001 Certificate

Tides Marine is an ISO 9001 Company
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