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RPB-K-2000-02 – Tides Marine Rudder Port Seal Type K for a 2 inch rudder stock.

This is a Direct Replacement for the stuffing box on a BUDDY DAVIS 2 inch rudder stock.

Tides Marine RPB TYPE-K units are used with certain flanged bronze ports having two mounting studs for the flax packing collar. They mount directly over the existing studs. They are available with and without a separate lower bearing insert. This insert installs from inside or outside the hull (depending on the application) and replaces the conventional marine bearing. TYPE-K units consist of a one piece UHMW plastic housing with a nitrile lip seal.Like all Tides Marine Rudder Port/Bearings, they eliminate the problems of metal-on-metal abrasion, electrolysis and corrosion. They are 100% watertight, require no maintenance and eliminate vibration resulting in quieter, smoother performance.

Available separately or as a kit

The Tides Marine RPB Type K was designed to be used with certain flanged, bronze rudder ports with two mounting studs to accept/adjust the flax packing collar. These units mount directly over the existing studs and are available with or without a lower bearing insert. This insert installs from outside the hull and usually replaces a conventional marine cutless bearing.

The Type K unit consists of a one-piece UHMW housing with a nitrile lip seal. The unit eliminates metal-on-metal contact and the associated problems of abrasion and electrolytic corrosion. They are 100% watertight and reduce rudder chatter and vibration resulting in quieter, smoother rudder system performance.

Rudder Port Bearings Type K may be ordered online.

Tides Marine makes RPB Type K units to builder specifications. When placing an order, please specify the exact diameter of your rudder stock (.000″), the distance between the centers of the mounting studs, the stud size and the I.D. of the rudder port into which the unit will be mounted. Match this combination to one of the line items in the table on the Imperial or Metric size page. If your installation is not in this table, please contact Tides Marine for assistance.

If you are replacing a marine bearing, please provide the O.D. of the bearing and its length.

RPB Type K Imperial Sizes
Specifications (dimensions in inches)

Rudder Stock Diameter Stud Centers Stud Size Lower Bearing Barrel OD Builder Retaining Ring Part Number Buy Online
1 1/4 2 13/16 3/8 No 1.780 Bertram 206 RPB-K-1250-00 Buy Now
1 3/4 3 1/16 3/8 No 1.780 Bertram 250 RPB-K-1750-00 Buy Now
1.925 3 5/8 3/8 No 2.545 Bertram 287 RPB-K-1925-00 Buy Now
2 4 1/2 Yes 2.990 Hatteras 300 RPB-K-2000-00 Buy Now
2 4 1/8 1/2 Yes 2.998 Viking 300 RPB-K-2000-01 Buy Now
2 4 3/16 1/2 Yes 2.998 Davis 300 RPB-K-2000-02 Buy Now
2.49 4 1/8 3/8 No 3.000 Bertram 350 RPB-K-2490-00 Buy Now
2 1/2 4 1/2 1/2 Yes 3.500 Hatteras 350 RPB-K-2500-00 Buy Now
2 1/2 5 1/4 1/2 Yes 3.495 Viking 350 RPB-K-2500-02 Buy Now
3 5 1/2 Yes 3.995 Hatteras 400 RPB-K-3000-00 Buy Now

RPB-K Installation Guide

The following is a description of the installation procedures associated with the RPB Type-K rudder seal. Installation instructions are included with each unit and should be followed closely.

  1. Inspect that area of the rudder stock where the lip seal will rest and confirm that there is clean, smooth stock available to accept the lip seal.
  2. Block the rudder into position and disconnect the steering arm and rudder collar.
  3. Remove the blocking and carefully lower the rudder so that the rudder stock is beneath the upper rudder bearing. Confirm that there is sufficient clearance between the end of the stock and the underside of the shelf to add the Type-K unit.
  4. Remove the nuts from the threaded posts and the rudder port collar. Remove the flax packing.
  5. Inspect the upper end of the rudder stock. Remove any burrs, nicks or sharp edges which might damage the lip seal during installation or operation.
  6. Insert the red installation hat all the way into the Type-K until it covers the thin sealing edge of the lip seal.
  7. Run a bead of marine sealant (such as Lifecaulk™ or 3-M™ 101) on the underside of the flange of the unit for a watertight seal. Slide the Type-K onto the rudder stock, carefully guiding it through the red installation hat.
  8. Slide the Type-K down the rudder stock and over the threaded studs.
  9. Replace the mounting nuts (and washers) on the threaded studs. Snug.
  10. Jack the rudder back into position until the rudder stock passes through the upper rudder bearing. Block in place.
  11. Tighten the mounting nuts.
  12. Reconnect the steering arm and rudder collar.


Note: Before installing the rudder, insert the red installation hat into the lip seal. When rudder is in place, remove, invert and replace it on top of the Type-K unit to keep debris off the lip seal during use.

Complete Type-K Installation Guide may be downloaded HERE

Lead Times Update:

Due to increases in demand, current lead times have been extended.

Standard SureSeals and Rudder Bearings not in stock: 10-12 business days
Standard Upper Bearings not in stock: 12-15 business days
Custom Parts (excluding Sailtracks): 28 business days

Sailtracks: 3-5 business days

We appreciate your understanding.

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