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Water Pick-Up Kit TK1500-1/2-.343


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TK1500-1/2-.343 Water Pick-Up Kit consists of:

  • TH1500-1/2-.343 x 1 (Brass Tee Fitting – 1 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch x .343)
  • INJHOSE 0500 x 8 (8 feet of 1/2 inch injection hose)
  • CLAMP-P-0500 x 4
  • CLAMP-P-1875 x 4


Water Pick-Up Kits

Tides Marine Water Pick-Up Kits include everything needed to connect SureSeals to a point in the engine’s raw water cooling system. This water is necessary for proper lubrication of the lip seal and PTFE bearing in the SureSeal housing. There are two types of kits available.

Hose Tee Kits are used to tap into flexible cooling hoses and Hose Tee Kits are used to tap into fixed points in the raw water cooling system. See diagram on the Before Ordering Page.

Hose Tee Kits

If you plan to use a hose tee, measure the inside diameter of the hose you will be using and match it to the corresponding number in the chart on the specification page. Note the overall length of the hose tee in this chart to make sure there is enough hose available for the connection.

Then, select the hose tee model with the branch fitting outside diameter that matches that of the water injection fi tting on your SureSeal.

SureSeals used on propeller shafts with an outside diameter up to and including 2 3/4” will have a 3/8” injection fitting. For shafts 3” and larger, the correct injection fitting is 1/2”.

Hose Barb Kits

If you will be using a hose barb to complete your water pick-up system, remove the plug at the point on the engine you have selected and determine its thread size. Find the corresponding thread size in the chart on the specification page and choose the fitting with the hose barb dimension that matches your SureSeal.

Caution: ↓

Vented Loops

When the engine (or engines) are located below the waterline OR water lift mufflers are installed, a vented loop may be required to prevent back-flooding of water through the exhaust system and into the engine(s). ABYC guidelines regarding vented loop materials and installation practices should be followed.

The water pick-up fitting should be installed in the “pressure side” of the vented loop “T”. This vented loop should be as far above the waterline as is practical (a minimum distance of 12” is required).

Water Lift Mufflers

In twin engine applications using water lift mufflers, a check valve in each water pick-up line is required if a crossover line is installed.


Vented loops and check valves should be inspected for proper function at least twice a year. Read the SureSeal installation instructions provided with each SureSeal carefully before proceeding. If you have any questions, contact Tides Marine for assistance.

Caution: ↓

Hose Barb Kits

Hose barb kits contain a straight brass hose barb which can be threaded into any number of pick-up points in the water pump, gear cooler or heat exchanger. These hose barbs are sized to match the corresponding fitting on each SureSeal. The kit includes 8′ of marine grade silicone fuel hose and all necessary hose clamps.

Caution: ↓

Please note that the use of hose barbs in the raw water cooling system requires good care during installation and additional maintenance once installed.

Hose Barb Installation Tips

  1. Some pick-up points may be dry locations. Check for adequate water flow (1 gallon per minute) before operating the vessel.
  2. Some pick-up points may require the use of 90° elbow fittings rather than the straight hose barbs provided by Tides. This type of 90° fitting should be avoided if at all possible.

Sediment, engine scale, rust and other debris are prone to collect in such 90° turns.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Manifold pick-up points must be inspected several times a year for debris mentioned above. These manifold areas are usually used as drain points. As a result, they can collect enough debris to impede water flow in a short period of time.
  2. Pick-up points at the bottoms of elbows (again, normally used to drain the system) may fill with sand and other materials if the vessel operates in shallow water (or runs aground). Inspect these pick-up points regularly.

Water Pick-Up Hose

Water pick-up hose should be routed from the pick-up point on the engine to the SureSeal® in a manner which eliminates / minimizes the possibility of chafing, burning or kinking. Turns made by the hose should be minimized to improve water flow.

Support clips / clamps / ties used to dress the hose should not be so tight as to crush the hose / restrict water flow.

Tides also recommends that a bit of slack be left in the hose near the SureSeal® to allow for some movement. This will minimize loading of the SureSeal® on the shaft during normal vessel operation.

Hose Barb Kit Specifications (Dimensions in Inches)

Fitting Length A Fitting Thread Size B Fitting Hose Barb Size C Part Number Buy Online
2 1/4 NPT 3/8 IJK250-375-2000 Buy Now
2 3/8 NPT 3/8 IJK375-375-2000 Buy Now
2 3/8 NPT 1/2 IJK375-500-2000 Buy Now

Hose Tee Kit Specifications (Dimensions in Inches)

Hose Inside Diameter A Hose Tee Length B Branch Hose Barb Size C Part Number Buy Online
3/8 1 7/8 3/8 TK0375-3/8-.275 Buy Now
5/8 1 7/8 3/8 TK0625-3/8-.218 Buy Now
3/4 1 7/8 3/8 TK0750-3/8-.218 Buy Now
1 1/4 1 7/8 3/8 TK1250-3/8-.218 Buy Now
1 1/2 1 7/8 3/8 TK1500-3/8-.218 Buy Now
1 5/8 1 7/8 3/8 TK1625-3/8-.218 Buy Now
1 3/4 2 3/8 TK1750-3/8-.218 Buy Now
2 2 1/2 3/8 TK2000-3/8-.218 Buy Now
Hose Inside Diameter A Hose Tee Length B Branch Hose Barb Size C Part Number Buy Online
1 1/2 1 7/8 1/2 TK1500-1/2-.343 Buy Now
2 2 1/2 1/2 TK2000-1/2-.343 Buy Now

Water Pick-Up Kit Installation Overview

The following is a brief overview of the typical installation procedure. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH EACH KIT. Failure to follow the instructions could result in damage to the SureSeal or your engine.

  1. Locate the point in the engines cooling system where water will be taken. (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE).
  2. If using a Tee-Type Pick-Up, cut the engine hose cleanly and squarely and add two loose hose clamps to each end.
  3. Next, insert the Tee so that the branch fitting is oriented properly-not aiming straight down (to prevent sediment from accumulating at the opening) or straight up (possibly out of the water stream) SEE BELOW.
  4. 3A. If using a threaded fitting-type pick-up, remove the appropriate plug or drain. Using a small screwdriver or awl, poke/scrape the inside of the opening to dislodge or remove any engine scale, sediment, debris, etc. which could clog the line. Coat the threads of the fitting with sealant and install.

  5. Add two small hose clamps to one end of the Water Pick-Up hose and attach it to either the Tee or threaded fitting. Tighten the hose clamps.
  6. Route the hose to the water injection fitting on the SureSeal so that it will not be subject to kinking or pinching which could restrict the flow of water. Cut to length if needed.
  7. Take the black plastic cap off the fitting on the SureSeal (leave tethered to fitting). Attach the hose and secure with the remaining two hose clamps.
  8. 6A. For twin-engine applications, we recommened the use of a crossover line between port and starboard SureSeals to insure proper lubrication and cooling water to both seals in the event that only one engine is running. Before installing a crossover line, you must inspect the vessel’s raw water exhaust system. DO NOT USE A CROSSOVER LINE if the highest point in the exhaust system is above the turn of the exhaust riser. “back flow” could occur while running on only one engine causing serious damage to the other engine/turbo. For all Crossover setups, a second fitting is required on each SureSeal.

  9. Route the crossover hose between the two seals keeping it low, below engine fitting. Remove caps and connect the two ends to the SureSeals with the clamps as before.
  10. When the boat is back in the water, remove the water pick-up hose from the fitting on the SureSeal and place the end of the hose into an empty container. Temporarily cap off the injection fitting, with the black plastic cap (to prevent water from back-flowing through the SureSeal). Start the engine and run in neutral. Raise the cotainer 1 foot above the water pick-up point and confirm that there is water flowing from the hose (approximately 2 PSI at engine idle). Increase engine speed and confirm that there is a constant flow of water throughtout the full RPM range. Reconnect the hose and tighten clamps. Dress the hose and secure with cable ties (loosley).
  11. 8A. To test a “Double Injection” set-up, remove the crossover hose from one SureSeal. Cap the injection fitting as described above. Start the other engine and run in neutral. Hold the end of the crossover hose above the level at which the cooling system water enters the manifold. A steady flow of water indicates there is suffcient pressure for proper function. Reconnect the hose and repeat the process for the other engine. Dress the crossover hose and secure with cable ties (loosely).

Water Pick-Up Kits may be ordered online. Buy Now

To determine which water pick-up kit to order, first identify the point in the engine’s raw water cooling system from which you plan to take the water for your SureSeal.

Recommended Water Pick-Up Points In Order of Preference

  1. Hose Tee: In-line between the heat exchanger and riser (as close to the heat exchanger as possible).
  2. Hose Tee: In-line between the oil cooler and the heat exchanger.
  3. Hose Tee: In-line between the water pump and the oil cooler.
  4. Drain Plug: Hose barb in the heat exchanger.
  5. Drain Plug: Hose barb in oil cooler (if oil cooler is on pressure side of water pump). The bore should be at least .200”.
  6. Drain Plug: Hose barb in the back of the water pump. Be sure the drain is on the pressure side of the pump.

Click here to Download Complete Water Pick-up Kit Installation Instructions.

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