High Bay 90W Clear Acrylic Lense

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    High Bay 90W Diffused Acrylic Lense
Product Model: HIGHBAY LIGHT
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AQHBH09057-CA - Aqualuma Highbay LED Light with Clear Acrylic Lense

LED Lightsource-R  

The Lightsource-R represents the State of the Art in LED lighting design. Designed using the most advanced optical, mechanical and thermal simulation software, every aspect of the design has been optimized for performance and reliability.

MECHANICAL DESIGN The Lightsource-R is manufactured to the highest standards. The housing is die cast using marine grade aluminum which is furthur treated with a corrosion protection and then finished with a protective epoxy powder coat. The plastics used have been carefully specified to be the best and longest lasting in the industry.

THERMAL MANAGMENT Thermal managment is of paramount importance in the design of LED fittings. The performance of LEDs, both in terms of output and reliability, will reduce with increaded LED temperature meaning high fitting temperatures will reduce the life expectancy of the power supply and electronics used to control the drive current supplied to the LEDs. Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software has been used to simulate the cooloing affect and airflow over the housing thus maximising LED and fitting life. The Lightsource-R's unique shape is the result of hundreds of development hours in the simulator, backed up with laboritory testing of physical prototypes. We are confident that the Lightsource-R is the coolest High Bay in more ways that one.

OPTICAL DESIGN The optical efficiency of a light fitting is a measure of how much light is extracted, rathr than being absorbed by the fitting itself. Optical simulation software has been used to achieve an optical efficiency (LOR) of 94%. This unprecedented achievement contributes to the fitting's overall efficiency.

VISUAL ACUITY Metal Halide and T5 fluorescent have a 'peaky' spectral distribution which results in some colors being illuminated more brightly than others. The Aqualuma LED High Bay provides a continous illumination across the full visible spectrum that enhances the clarity of vision of the observer.

FLICKER The Aqualuma High Bay fitting has been independantly tested and certified to have no flicker detectable by the human eye. Fluorescent tube and metal Halide flicker is a known health issue with symptoms including headaches, migraines, eye strain and discomfort.

ENVIRONMENT The Aqualuma High Bay is environmentally friendly in comparison to alternative solutions. For example, Fluorescent tubes contain mercury, a highly toxic metal. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued guidelines for the clean-up of broken fluorscent tubes which include turning off air conditionaing systems and building evacuation.

POWER SAVING A 400W Metal Halide High Bay will cost up to $690 per year to run ($0.18 c/kWh) not including maintenance and outage costs. A custom Aqualuma LED High Bay solution will reduce this cost by anything up to 80%. For all installations we can conduct an energy survey and design a custom lighting plan to optimise your energy usage.
Reducing your power consumption will reduce your carbon footprint, furthur contributing to the environmental benefits of adopting LED technology.

RELIABILITY The Aqualuma High Bay LED light fittings use LEDs from only the most reputable manufacturers. The manufactureres undertake extensive LED lifetime testing to the LM-80 industry standard. Allowing for the aging of all lamp components we predict a lumen maintenance L70 of over 100,000 hours for the fitting.

Aqualuma LED High Bay Lights


  • 125W replaces > 400W Metal Halide Light fittings.
  • 90W, 125W, 155w and 165W versions available
  • Output flux up to 22,500 lm
  • Wall plug efficacy up to 125lm/W
  • Full spectrum colour rendering results in Imporved Visual Acuity in comparison to Metal Halideland flourescent light fittings
  • L70 rated for minimum 100,000 hrs. at 25 degrees C
  • LM6 marine grade aluminum / power coated
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Instant On/Off
  • IP66 rated





  • Hook or Bracket Mount versions
  • LED color temperature 5,700K standard (3000K, 4000K, 5000K built to order)
  • LED CRI up to 85
  • Outer lens available in clear, diffuse acrylic or polycarbonate