Severn Yachting Center

Severn Yachting Center provides premium yacht service, primarily for vessels between 20′ and 120′, through a team of highly skilled and dedicated service technicians. Set on over 40 acres with a 75-ton travel lift, 30-ton hydraulic trailer and in-house, full-time employees and expertise in essential trade we can assist with any repair or maintenance item requested! Give us a call today to discuss your next project!

Severn Yachting Center
3398 Stonewall Road
Hayes, VA 23072
7 am - 5 pm
(804) 642-6969

Lead Times Update:

Due to increases in demand, current lead times have been extended.

Standard SureSeals and Rudder Bearings not in stock: 2-5 business days
Standard Upper Bearings not in stock: 7-10 business days
Custom Parts (excluding Sailtracks): 21 business days

Sailtracks: 5-7 business days

We appreciate your understanding.

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