Quantum Sails Rochester

Quantum Sails Rochester is the largest full-capacity sailmaker in New York State. We can handle any size sail to fabricate new or do any repair, recut, convert, and clean. With over 70 years of combined sailmaking experience between the handful of us, we can handle job you need.

Beyond just sails, Sails N Canvas specializes in canvas repair and canvas fabrication. Our master craftsmen are true experts in the field and have decades of combined experience with a huge range of projects—whether sails, upholstery for boats, car covers, awnings, roll screens patio enclosures and other commercial and industrial applications. Our fabrication facility is spacious and has ample capacity to handle even the largest canvas installations and customized items are more than welcome.

Quantum Sails Rochester
1461 Hudson Ave.
Rochester, NY 14621
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
(585) 342-5200

Lead Times Update:

Due to increases in demand, current lead times have been extended.

Standard SureSeals and Rudder Bearings not in stock: 2-5 business days
Standard Upper Bearings not in stock: 7-10 business days
Custom Parts (excluding Sailtracks): 21 business days

Sailtracks: 5-7 business days

We appreciate your understanding.

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