Cable Marine West

What we do

  • SPECIALISTS – Yacht Interior, Exterior, Dockside Service, Restorations and more.
  • MECHANICAL – Engines, Generators, Electric, Hydraulics and more.
  • CRAFTSMEN – Carpentry, Bottom Paint, Refinishing, Welding and more.

Celebrating over 3 decades of service to thousands of satisfied boat & yacht owners. You can count on Cable Marine!

Cable Marine West
2491 State Road 84
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
8 am - 5 pm
(954) 587-4000
(954) 587-4017

Lead Times Update:

Due to increases in demand, current lead times have been extended.

Standard SureSeals and Rudder Bearings not in stock: 10-12 business days
Standard Upper Bearings not in stock: 12-15 business days
Custom Parts (excluding Sailtracks): 28 business days

Sailtracks: 3-5 business days

We appreciate your understanding.

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