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Product Code: RPB-J
SKU: RPB-J-3500
Product Line: PORT
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RPB-J-3500 - Type J Rudder Port Bearing for 3 1/2 Inch Rudder Stock.

* Must send in Lock Nut or Cap Nut for Correct Thread Pitch and Size.

Thread Size: Choose from available sizes.

Tides Marine RPB TYPE-J is a retrofit unit which is used with existing bronze port bearings. Consisting of a one-piece UHMW plastic housing with nitrile lip seal, they were developed to replace the conventional stuffing box used on rudder ports.


The TYPE-J unit is virtually friction free, non-corrosive and maintenance free. Performance improvements include quieter, easier and smoother steering.


  Note: To ensure correct thread size, please send Tides either the backing nut or the packing nut from your bronze rudder port assembly. We will measure the threads, machine the part and then return the backing nut or packing nut with your order.

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