Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Code: RPB-K
SKU: RPB-K-1925-00
Product Line: PORT
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RPB-K-1925-00 - Tides Marine Rudder Port Seal Type K for a 1.925 inch rudder stock.

This is a Direct Replacement for the stuffing box on a BERTRAM 1.925 inch rudder stock.


Tides Marine RPB TYPE-K units are used with certain flanged bronze ports having two mounting studs for the flax packing collar. They mount directly over the existing studs. They are available with and without a separate lower bearing insert. This insert installs from inside or outside the hull (depending on the application) and replaces the conventional marine bearing. TYPE-K units consist of a one piece UHMW plastic housing with a nitrile lip seal.Like all Tides Marine Rudder Port/Bearings, they eliminate the problems of metal-on-metal abrasion, electrolysis and corrosion. They are 100% watertight, require no maintenance and eliminate vibration resulting in quieter, smoother performance.