Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Code: RPB-C
SKU: RPB-C-3250-00
Product Line: PORT
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RPB-C-3250-00 - Rudder Bearing for a 3 1/4 Inch Rudder Stock.

Tides Marine TYPE-C Rudder Ports are for use in new construction or retrofits. They may be used with any hull material. They can be mounted into a built-up pad inside FRP or Wooden hulls or installed into a matching flanged tube in FRP or metal hulls. Unlike the typical custom fabricated assembly with separate bearings and packing, the TYPE-C combines both sealing and bearing functions in a cost effective housing.

It is an ABS-approved configuration and offers a substantial bearing surface-to-stock diameter ratio. The units consist of a single piece plastic housing with a nitrile lip seal.

The TYPE-C is 100% watertight, requires no maintenance and eliminates chatter and vibration resulting in quieter, smoother performance. It also eliminates the problems of metal-on-metal abrasion, electrolysis and corrosion