Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Line: TRCK
WebSite Info: Detailed Information
*** Actual Track Length is the length the Track will be cut to! ***
The left column is all information except slide choices.
The right column is for Slide Ship to Address (if different than
Track Address) and slide choices.
If you are ordering the Track for a future date
enter the date in the box after the slide choices.
Complete the order by adding the Actual Track Length
rounded up to the next whole foot (IF INCHES ARE INCLUDED in the measurement)
and clicking the Add to Cart button.
Comments may be added to the order on the Checkout Page.
Price per foot will change on Slide Type Selection.
If Track Only, price per foot will remain the same.
Your Price: $13.65 per Foot

Slide Type, Track, Owner, Vessel & Mast Information

Slide Selections - Click to View Slides

* Enter Length of SailTrack Rounded UP to the Next Whole Foot
  (ie: 45 Feet 1 Inch = 46 Feet. Enter 46 for the Track Length below)

Enter Whole Foot Length

CMPE SailTrack


Used for Mast's that do not have an external T-Track installed on the mast. This SailTrack System will come with mounting clips that you install onto the mast to accept the SailTrack.