Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Code: SMARTSEAL
Product Line: ALRM
WebSite Info: Detailed Information
Your Price: $498.75

SmartSeal Temperature Sensor for Single Engines

The All New NEMA 2000 Tides Marine SmartSeal Temperature Sensor monitors the cooling water temperature of your shaft seal and displays a Warning Signal and Critical Signal when the water temperature of your cooling water to your shaft seal exceeds the normal operating temperature range.

The Kit Includes:

  • 1 Single Engine Main Unit
  • 1 Sensor Cable


When installing a SmartSeal Temperature Sensor in conjunction with installing new SureSeal Shaft Seal, your warranty is extended by 3 years for a total of 5 Years.

You must register your SmartSeal Temperature Sensor and SureSeal Serial Number on our WebSite to activate the additional 3 year warranty.  Click HERE for the Registration Form.

Have the serial number(s) for the SmartSeal and the SureSeal as they are required on the form.