Manufacturer: Aqualuma
Product Code: THRU HULL
Product Line: AQUA
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Aqualuma Gen 4 - 12 Series


Bigger, better, brighter: as part of the iconic thru-hull range, the

12 Series is a serious light designed to illuminate larger boats.


The 12 Series is a larger thru-hull option. This powerful light is capable of packing a serious punch. Like the famous 6 Series, the 12 Series has a corrosion-proof, injection-molded, patented polymer housing and is internally driven and maintainable. Available in Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats ranging from 12 meters (40 Feet) to 30 meters (100 Feet). As part of the Thru-Hull range, the 12 Series features Aqualuma's 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on the internals.