Manufacturer: Aqualuma
Product Code: THRU HULL
Product Line: AQUA
Your Price: $1,651.77

Aqualuma Gen 4 - 18 Tri Series


Bigger, best, brightest: The 18 Series is the latest edition to Aqualuma's

Thru-Hull range. Designed to illuminate the worlds largest Super-Yachts.


The 18 Series is our largest thru-hull option. Designed for large vessels and Super-Yachts, the 18 Series delivers a huge light output at an affordable price in our patented, one piece polymer housing and has the ability to be serviced from inside the vessel. The 18 Series Ultra light is encased in our 12 Series Housing and gives Aqualuma *6 and 12 Series owners the ability to upgrade to the 18 Series from inside the boat with no haul out.

The 18 Tri Series is a combination of Blue/White LEDS that can be run individually or together.


* Only the GEN 3 - 6 Series is up-gradable to a 12 or 18 Series.