Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Code: COVER
SKU: SH-701
Product Line: SLID
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SailTrack Connector Joints

The SailTrack Connector Joints is a kit of parts that is used to splice 2 pieces of SailTrack together.

The Kits consists of:

2 Stainless Steel Plates with 4 holes.

4 Stainless Steel Screws

4 Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

Use the joints as your template for drilling your holes in the SailTrack. Using a 9/64" drill bit. Use caution that you drill straight thru the SailTrack and not into the slide channel.

Install one plate using the screws provided onto one side of the SailTrack and then slide the 2nd plate over the screws. Install the lock nuts onto the screws and tighten. Do not OVER TIGHTEN the lock nuts as this may squeeze the track and cause the slide to hang at that spot in the SailTrack.