Manufacturer: Tides Marine
Product Code: SURESEAL
Product Line: FBSL
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FSKM-38M - SureSeal Drip Free Self Aligning Propeller Shaft Seal for a 38 Millimeter Propeller Shaft.

Parts Included in this Kit:

  • FSA-38M-XXXX-X x 1
  • Articulated Hose x 1
  • Clamps x 4
  • HAT-MM38-02 x 1

The Minimum Distance required from the end of the stern tube to the coupling is 7 1/4 Inches.
Water from Raw Water Feed to SureSeal that delivers a minimum of 1 Gallon per Minute at Engine Idle Speed and increases as you throttle up, at a minimum of 2 psi.