TH0375-3/8-.275 - Tee Fitting for a 3/8 inch ID hose with a 3/8 inch hose nipple...
CLAMP-5500 - 5 1/2 Inch Hose Clamp...
CLAMP-6000 - 6 Inch Hose Clamp...
Mast Gate Cover
Stainless Steel Mast Gate cover for Tides Marine SailTrack.   This is the cover that goes over the mast gate that is at the bottom of the Tides Marine SailTrack. It includes the Pin and Lar..
HOSE 6000
HOSE 6000 - Straight Silicone Hose 6 inch ID.Sold by the Inch...
CLAMP-6500 - 6 1/2 Inch Hose Clamp...
FSWASH0875-00 - Replacement Washer for the SureSeal Shaft Seal Housing...
FSWASH0875-01 - Replacement Washer for the SureSeal Shaft Seal Housing...
CLAMP-7000 - 7 Inch Hose Clamp...
CMPE SailTrack
CMPE SailTrack   Used for Mast's that do not have an external T-Track installed on the mast. This SailTrack System will come with mounting clips that you install onto the mast to accept..
External SailTrack
External SailTrack - 5/8, 7/8, 1 inch or Other     ..
Internal Flat SailTrack
Internal Flat SailTrack - Letters A thru R  - Lip Thickness 1 thru 8   Available Track Profiles   ..
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