The SureSeal® is ABS-Approved

Made from fiber-reinforced composite material, the housing is strong, durable and compact. The SureSeal® is dimensionally unaffected by temperature and will not absorb water.

The integral PTFE® bearing extends the operating life of the SureSeal® under normal operating conditions.

Connecting the SureSeal® to the vessel is now easier with an “articulating hose”. This hose design automatically positions the SureSeal® the correct operating distance from the stern tube. No measurements are required – installation is simplified. The articulating hose reduces side loads to the SureSeal® when shaft misalignment occurs. As a result, lip seal and bearing life are extended.

Lip Seal Replacement
The SureSeal® design incorporates a removable front cap which improves access to the lip seal. A worn lip seal can be replaced, even while the vessel is in the water, restoring the “100% watertight” characteristic of the SureSeal®. To learn more, turn to page 26 and read the lip seal product section.

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