The All New N2K (NMEA 2000)
SmartSeal Temperature Sensor

Completely RE-DESIGNED from the ground up, the ALL NEW SMARTSEAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR that will connect to your existing NMEA 2000 System. Don't have a NMEA 2000 System on-board, no problem. We have the ability to run without one as well.

The SmartSeal Temperature Sensor system is designed to detect and warn of various vessel conditions that may lead to shaft seal damage or failure. The system is available for use in single or twin engine vessels and consists of a Main control unit and a set of peripheral units. The system employs electronic sensors (thermistors) to measure temperature. The sensors are monitored by a microprocessor that processes sensor data and reports the summarized warning and status information to receiving peripherals. These peripherals range from simple warning and status indicators on the Main and Remote units to transmission of NMEA 2000 compliant messages to main or auxiliary vessel computer systems.

The system is comprised of a bulkhead mounted Main control unit and one or more Remote units. Remote units are available in panel or bulkhead mounting configurations. The system may be installed on vessels equipped with a NMEA2000® network but will also operate on non-NMEA 2000 vessels. The Main unit is installed in the vessel’s engine room or compartment. An engine room temperature sensor is included with the Main control unit.

The Main and Remote units are IP66 rated (waterproof for heavy spray and brief submersion), so any unit may be mounted in damp or wet locations. The panel mounted Remote units are additionally O-ring sealed against the face of the panel they are mounted to so may be used in locations which are exposed to rain or sea water (e.g. mounting on a flybridge).

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Main Unit

Smart Seal Main Unit

Remote Units
Smart Seal Remote Units

SmartSeal Temperature Sensor Features


  • Shaft seal temperature monitoring for single or twin engine vessels
  • Remote reporting units and Siren available as options
  • Multiple Remote units may be used
  • LED and audible alarm indications of Normal, Warning, and Critical Alert conditions
  • NMEA 2000 certified
  • Use on vessels without a NMEA 2000 network or another network with a converter (e.g. NMEA 0183)
  • Engine Room temperature reporting included (NMEA 2000 network required)
  • Field or factory installable

Regulatory and Ruggedness

  • FCC/CE Approved
  • RoHS Compliant
  •   - Restrictions of Harardous Substances
      - Directive 2002/95/EC
  • Manufacturing
  •   - Quality System Certified to ISO 9001-2000
      - Built to IPC-A-612 Class 2
  • Conformal coated
  • All connectors are sealed
  • Main and Remote units: IP66+ rated
  • 12VDC power (from NMEA 2000 network if on NMEA 2000 equipped vessel)
  • Positive clamp temperature sensor (sealed thermistor type)

Temperature Monitoring

  • LED indicators for OK (green), Warning (yellow) & Critical Alert (red)
  • Messages of Status sent over NMEA 2000 network (for Multi-function Displays (MFDs), etc)
  • Messages sent to one or more Remote units
  • Audible warnings and alerts (slow for Warning, rapid for Alert)
  • Silence button on Main unit
  • Remote units “repeat” LED indicators and audible sounds from the Main unit
  • Error checking of temperature sensors with LED error indications
  • Engine room temperature monitor - NMEA 2000 messages for MFD’s, etc

Extended Warranty

When a Smart Seal System is fitted in conjunction with new Tides Marine SureSeals and the installation is registered with a Tides Marine office, an additional 3 year warranty (total 5 years) will be offered against damage caused to the SureSeal by an overheating event.

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