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SPare Seal Carrier

Spare Seal Carrier Installation Overview


  1. Determine where the Spare Seal Carrier will be located on the shaft (minimally 1" from the SureSeal) and be certain there are no keyways, nicks or corrosion in this area which could damage the lip seal.
  2. Separate the two halves of the carrier housing by removing the screws holding them together. Remove the spare lip seal.
  3. Carefully press each spare seal onto the tapered cone of the red seal protector-smooth side (with part number imprint on the lip seal) first.
  4. Slide the red protector and seal(s) onto the shaft - seal side first with garter spring facing the rear of the boat.
  5. Remove the red seal protector and confirm that each spare seal is facing the same direction as the lip seal in the SureSeal (garter spring facing the rear of the boat).
  6. Reassemble the Spare Seal Carrier housing over the lip seal(s) and around the shaft. The long shoulder on one side of the Carrier housing should face away from the SureSeal.
  7. Check to be sure the Spare Seal Carrier housing is at least 1" from the SureSeal and tighten the assembly screws. Properly installed, the Spare Seal Carrier shoud grip the shaft tightly and turn freely with it.


  1. Inspect the exposed shaft surface between the Spare Seal Carrier and the SureSeal unit. Be certain that it is clean as well as free of any nicks or burrs which might damage the spare lip seal. If necessary, you may polish the shaft using 280 to 300 grit wet/dry sandpaper or emery cloth working radially around the shaft.
  2. Remove the screws from the Spare Seal Carrier and separate the halves exposing the spare replacement lip seal(s).
  3. Remove the 5 cap screws from the front of the SureSeal housing.
  4. Slide the cap forward passing over the replacement lip seal.
  5. Separate the split retaining washer and remove it from the shaft. Keep the split washer handy.
  6. Pry out the old lip seal with a small flat bladed screwdriver working alternately on opposite sides. Cut the old lip seal off the shaft with diaginal pliers or side cutter.
  7. Clean out the lip seal pocket area in the SureSeal housing with a fiber sponge
  8. Carefully slide the new lip seal down down the shaft and into the chamfered opening in the front of the SureSeal housing.
  9. Return the split retaining washer to the shaft in front of the lip seal you just slid into the SureSeal housing.
  10. Fit the split retaining washer into it's recess inside the cap. Slide cap and washer towards the housing until they touch the lip seal.
  11. Align the holes and start the cap screws. Alternately tighten the cap screws in a criss-cross pattern, driving the lip seal into the opening. The lip seal is seated properly when cap and collar touch. Do NOT over tighten the screws. Hand tighten only.
  12. If the carrier contained 2 lip seals, the carrier housing should be reassembled over the remaining lip seal as before and positioned in it's original location and tightened fully. If not, store the Carrier Housing for future use.

Complete Spare Seal Carrier Installation Instructions may be downloaded HERE .