Since 1991, Tides Marine has provided essential marine components to the marine industry. At Tides, providing excellent customer service is our no. 1 priority and we proudly manufacture our Shaft Seals, Rudder Bearings and Sail Track in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our products improve vessel performance and reliability, solve unique system issues, reduce the need for scheduled maintenance and provide worry-free, long-term boating enjoyment. We are the US Master Distributor for MATE-USA Pumps, Horns & Rubrail as well as Super Stainless, a gel based, non-abrasive, stainless steel cleaning agent.

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Sail Hardware Selection

Minimum Spacing Between Slides is 24 inches

Batten Receptacles and Slides

Small Batten Car - SH-200A

Small Batten Receptacle

Includes SH-400 slide.
Accepts flat battens to 1 5/8" wide.
Accepts round receptacles to 1/2" diameter.
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Large Batten Car - SH-200B

Large Batten Receptacle

Includes SH-400 slide.
Accepts flat battens to 2" wide.
Accepts round receptacles to 5/8" diameter.
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Headboard Slide - SH-500

Headboard Slide

3 inches long.
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Reef Slide - SH-401

Reef Slide

2 inches long.
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Luff Slide - SH-600

Intermediate Slide

1 3/8 inches long.
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Reef SLide with Universal Joint and 10mm Stud - SH-400 Slide


2" Slide with Universal Joint and 10mm Stud
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Universal Joint with 10mm Stud - SH-402 Slide

SH-402 Universal Joint

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Battslide - SH-403 Slide


Slide to accept original Battslide receptacles.
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Tides Marine also offers 3 of the Stainless Steel slides in a Pinless Version.
They are the SH-500 PL, SH-401 PL and SH-600 PL.

SH-500 PL Headboard Slide

 SH-500 PL

SH-401 PL Reef Slide

 SH-401 PL

SH-600 PL Luff or Intermediate Slide

 SH-600 PL

1. Stainless Steel Slides or Naval Brass Slides

You have two slide options. The first is hand-polished cast stainless slides. The second is machined naval brass slides.

There is a cost difference between the two options.

  • SailTrack System with Stainless Steel Slides:   $29.10 per Foot
  • SailTrack System with Naval Brass Slides:    $32.96 per Foot.

2. Slides and batten receptacles are included in the price of the Tides Track System. Tides provides each customer with one (1) slide or receptacle of their choosing for every two (2) feet of track in the system.

Example: 40 feet of track comes with 20 assorted slides and receptacles.

More slides can be ordered at an extra cost.

3. Please review the schematic on this page.


However, it is recommended that on most systems that a 2 inch reef slide be located within 18 inches of the headboard if possible