Track & Slide Systems Overview

SailTrack Overview

The Tides Marine Track and Slide System is a high-performance, low-friction mainsail handling system built to carry the increased loads and demands of today’s full-batten mainsails. When installed, the mainsail will hoist easily and drop the instant the halyard is released.

The system consists of a one-piece UHMW track up to 64 feet in length and an "owner-defined" selection of matching slides and batten receptacles designed for smooth, long-lasting operation.

The system is competively priced and is sold by the foot (Your Tides Track System comes with a MAXIMUM of one slide for every two feet of track. If more slides are required, they may be purchased for an additional cost).

The system offers minimal stack height, less weight aloft and low-friction performance rivaling systems which cost more than twice as much. The track can be installed without going aloft and, in most cases, no holes need to be drilled in the mast.


The UHMW track is machined to fit more than 150 different mast luff groove shapes (internal flat / internal round) as well as most common external track shapes. The track is UV stable, unaffected by salt water and available in seamless lengths to 64 feet.

Track Types

The Track comes in 4 different types. Internal Flat, Internal Round, External and CMPE. CMPE is an external type that uses mounting clips that are either riveted or screwed to the mast. The mounting clips are included in the price of the Track.


The 316 stainless slides are hand-polished to a smooth, low-friction finish. They are available in several sizes (see Sail Hardware Selection page for details).

Batten Receptacles

The Tides batten receptacles are offered in two sizes which accept both flat and round battens. They are connected to the 316-stainless slides via a 10mm stud and rotate freely when raising or lowering the main. The Tides system will also work with any competitive batten receptacles using the same 10mm stud configuration.

SailTrack System Pricing

  • With Stainless Steel Slides: $30.56 per foot.
  • With Naval Brass Slides: $34.61 per foot.
  • Track Only: $14.33 per foot.
  • When ordering, always round up to the next "Whole Foot"

SailTrack on Mast
SailTrack Mast Gate

Tides Marine

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