Since 1991, Tides Marine has provided essential marine components to the marine industry. At Tides, providing excellent customer service is our no. 1 priority and we proudly manufacture our Shaft Seals, Rudder Bearings and Sail Track in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our products improve vessel performance and reliability, solve unique system issues, reduce the need for scheduled maintenance and provide worry-free, long-term boating enjoyment. We are the US Master Distributor for MATE-USA Pumps, Horns & Rubrail as well as Super Stainless, a gel based, non-abrasive, stainless steel cleaning agent.

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What is the "track flap" at the bottom of the Tides Track?

When cutting the Tides Track to fit your mast, Tides machines a “shape” on the back of your track which fits within your specific luff groove. To provide you with a track that extends below the mast gate on your existing spar, Tides removes this shape from the back of the portion of Tides Track that runs from your existing mast gate to the point above the gooseneck where the Tides Track ends (see photo of flap at right).

SailTrack Flap

This creates a section on the Tides Track we call the "flap". This flap contains either one-hole or two-hole backing plates. The final step of each installation calls for the installer to snug these backing plates into place, which locks the flap (or base of the track) in position on the mast.

SailTrack Mounting Clips

Making this flap an integral part of the whole Tides Track allows you to stack your sail slides below your current mast gate and above the gooseneck. This minimizes sail slide stack height of the Tides System.