URB Standard Profile Installation Guide

The following is a brief description of the installation procedure for the URB-STD. Complete installation instructions are included with each unit and should be followed closely.

  1. Block up the rudder securely.
  2. Remove steering arm/quadrant from the rudder stock.
  3. Disconnect rudder collar and remove.
  4. Remove existing rudder bearing bolts and remove rudder bearing.
  5. Fill the existing bolt holes left in the shelf from the old bearing with fiberglass and resin.
  6. Slide the URB-STD unit onto the rudder stock and into position on the rudder shelf.
  7. Align/rotate the URB-STD so that new bolt holes can be drilled through the shelf.
  8. Drill through the shelf using the "bushed" holes in the URB-STD as a template.
  9. Align the unit with the pre-drilled holes in the shelf. Insert the required number of stainless steel hex bolts (with washers and lock washers) through the assembly and secure to the rudder shelf. Be certain to use bolts to match the "bushed" holes in the URB-STD. Do NOT undersize.
  10. Reposition the rudder collar so that it rests upon the shoulder of the ball-type bearing in the URB-STD unit and secure. Use washers as necessary to align the rudder collar with the original set screw "dimples".
  11. Remove the blocking from the rudder and verify that the rudder swings freely.
  12. Reassemble the other steering system components (arm, quadrant, etc.).

Upper Rudder Bearing Standard Diagram

URB-STD Installation Guide may be downloaded HERE

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