Before placing your order, there are several measurements you need to take/confirm.

Measure the exact diameter of your rudder stock (.000"). Locate this measurement in the table on the Imperial or Metric pages.

Locate this rudder stock size in Column A of the table on the Imperial or Metric pages.

Then, note the corresponding assembly height in Column “B” of the table. Verify there is enough room between the rudder shelf and the deck (or any miscellaneous structures) above to install the unit (generally 2 x the overall height of the URB-STD). If height restrictions exist, the URB-LP may be a better choice.

Next, confirm there is sufficient clear space around the rudder stock on the rudder shelf for the URB-STD that fits your boat. Measurement C in the diagram and the table should be used for this purpose.

Finally, check the position and mounted height of the other steering components to determine if any adjustment will be necessary once the URB-STD is in place.


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