Upper Rudder Bearing Low Profile Top View


Upper Rudder Port Bearing Low Profile
Upper Rudder Bearing Low Profile Front View


Upper Rudder Port Bearing Low Profile

The Tides Marine Upper Rudder Bearing-Low Profile (URB-LP) is designed to be installed on vessels where the steering system components need to be located as close to the rudder shelf as possible. Mounted through the rudder shelf, this design maintains a clean, low-profile appearance.

Like the URB-STD, the URB-LP is an ABS- and Lloyds-approved, self-aligning design which accommodates up to 10 degrees of off-axis alignment between the mounting surface (rudder shelf) and the rudder stock. As a result, it requires no shimming during installation and will not load up the rudder shaft during vessel operation

The URB-LP is lighter than conventional bronze units. It consists of a UHMW ball-type bearing captured within a UHMW housing. The ball-type bearing is designed with a flat surface at the top to accept a rudder collar, allowing the unit to effectively carry rudder download during vessel operation.

The Tides design eliminates metal-to-metal contact and the associated problems of abrasion and electrolytic corrosion. The URB-LP is self-lubricating and maintenance free. Steering is smoother and quieter. Minor mounting adjustments to the rudder systems steering components may be necessary if the height of the unit is different than the metal pillowblock style bearing it is replacing.

Upper Rudder Bearing Low Profile Diagram

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