Electronic Diesel & Oil Pumps

Self-priming automatic electric pumps, 12/24V, with electronic control for the transfer of diesel and oil.
Helical bronze gears, NBR check valve, body and connections in nickeled brass, stainless steel shaft.
The pumps are supplied with a High-Speed setting for Diesel transfer. They can interact with a SCS control card allowing the switch to the Low-Speed mode for the transfer of oil and viscous liquids.

Type Part Number Volts Self-Priming Pressure Flow Rate Fuse Ports (male)
UP2/E-BR M164-700-15 12/24 3.3 ft. 29 psi 2.6 gpm 7.5A 3/8" NPT
UP3/E-BR M164-710-15 12/24 4.9 ft. 36 psi 4 gpm 15A 3/8" NPT
UP6/E-BR M164-720-15 12/24 6.6 ft. 36 psi 6.9 gpm 20A 1/2" NPT
UP9/E-BR M164-730-15 12/24 9.8 ft. 65.3 psi 3.2 gpm 15A 1/2" NPT
UP14/E-BR M164-760-15 12/24 9.8 ft. 29 psi 12 gpm 30A 3/4" NPT

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