Since 1991, Tides Marine has provided essential marine components to the marine industry. At Tides, providing excellent customer service is our no. 1 priority and we proudly manufacture our Shaft Seals, Rudder Bearings and Sail Track in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our products improve vessel performance and reliability, solve unique system issues, reduce the need for scheduled maintenance and provide worry-free, long-term boating enjoyment. We are the US Master Distributor for MATE-USA Pumps, Horns & Rubrail as well as Super Stainless, a gel based, non-abrasive, stainless steel cleaning agent.

  • Address: 3251 SW 13th Drive STE A
    Deerfield Beach, FL. 33442, USA
  • National Toll Free: 1-800-420-0949
  • Local or International: 954-420-0949
  • Order Fax: 954-420-0945
  • Accounting Fax: 954-420-5234
  • Purchasing Fax: 954-428-5288
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SureSeal Shaft Seals 8 pages
SureSeal Overview
SureSeals Before Ordering
SureSeal Locator
SureSeal Parts Diagram
SureSeal Imperial Sizes
SureSeal Metric Sizes
SureSeal Video
SureSeal vs. StrongSeal

Spare Seal Carrier Kits 6 pages
Spare Seal Carrier Overview
Spare Seal Carriers Before Ordering
SureSeal Spare Seal Imperial Sizes
SureSeal Spare Seal Metric Sizes
StrongSeal Spare Seal Imperial Sizes
StrongSeal Spare Seal Metric Sizes

Smart Seal Temperature Alarm 3 pages
Smart Seal Alarm Overview
Smart Seal Alarm System
Smart Seal Alarm Components

seriesOne Shaft Seal 4 pages
seriesOne Overview
seriesOne Before Ordering
seriesOne Imperial Sizes
seriesOne Metric Sizes

Lip Seals 4 pages
Lip Seals Overview
SureSeal Lip Seals
StrongSeal Lip Seals
Special Use Lip Seals

Water Pick-Up Kits 3 pages
Water Pick-Up Kits Overview
Water Pick-Up Kit Before Ordering
Water Pick-Up Kit Specs

SailTrack Systems 19 pages
Internal Round Measuring Guide
Internal Flat Width
Internal Flat Length
Internal Round Length
Internal Round Width
Alternate Headboard Cars
Batten Cars
Slides Before Ordering
Internal Flat Measuring Guide
SailTrack Before Ordering
External SailTrack
Internal Round Measuring Overview
Internal Flat Measuring Overview
Slide Selection
SailTrack Ascessories
SailTrack Video
SailTrack FAQ'S
SailTrack Overview
SailTrack Measurement Discs

Bilge & Water Pumps 5 pages
Bilge & Water Pumps
Bilge & Salt Water Pumps
Electronic Water System
Deck Washing Pumps
Ballast Pump

Diesel & Oil Pumps 6 pages
Diesel Transfer
Electronic Diesel & Oil Pump
Diesel Refueling Vein Pumps
Oil Transfer Gear Pumps
Oil Diesel Transfer Kits
Reversible Oil & Diesel Pumps

110V & 220V Pumps 1 page
110v - 220v Pumps

Oil Change Systems 1 page
Oil Change Systems

Control Systems 2 page
Pump Control System
Speed Control System

IMO/USCG Approved Horns 2 page
PW2 - PW3 Series Horns
EW2 - EW3 Series Horns

Horns & Whistles 5 page
SK1 Series Horns
SM1 Series Horns
EMX Series Horns
HR Series Horns
EMH Series Horns

Radial Rub Rail 4 page
Radial Overview
Radial Installation
Radial Ordering
Radial Sizes

Sphaera Rub Rail 4 page
Sphaera Overview
Sphaera Installation
Sphaera Ordering
Sphaera Sizes

Bino Rub Rail 1 page
Bino Rub Rail

Bumper Rub Rail 1 page
Bumper Rub Rail

Upper Rudder Bearing Low Profile 4 pages
URB-LP Overview
URB-LP Before Ordering
URB-LP Imperial Sizes
URB-LP Metric Sizes

Upper Rudder Bearing Standard Profile 4 pages
URB-STD Overview
URB-STD Before Ordering
URB-STD Imperial Sizes
URB-STD Metric Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type C 4 pages
RPB-C Overview
RPB-C Before Ordering
RPB-C Imperial Sizes
RPB-C Metric Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type D 4 pages
RPB-D Overview
RPB-D Before Ordering
RPB-D Imperial Sizes
RPB-D Metric Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type E 3 pages
RPB-E Overview
RPB-E Before Ordering
RPB-E Imperial Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type F 3 pages
RPB-F Overview
RPB-F Before Ordering
RPB-F Imperial Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type G 2 pages
RPB-G Overview
RPB-G Before Ordering

Rudder Port Bearings Type H 2 pages
RPB-H Overview
RPB-H Before Ordering

Rudder Port Bearings Type I 4 pages
RPB-I Overview
RPB-I Before Ordering
RPB-I Imperial Sizes
RPB-I Metric Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type J 3 pages
RPB-J Overview
RPB-J Before Ordering
RPB-J Imperial Sizes

Rudder Port Bearings Type K 3 pages
RPB-K Overview
RPB-K Before Ordering
RPB-K Imperial Sizes

Rudder Tube Systems 4 pages
Tube System Overview
Tube System Before Ordering
Tube System Imperial Sizes
Tube System Metric Sizes

Rudder Spare Seal Carrier Kits 3 pages
Spare Seal Carrier Overview
Spare Seal Carrier Before Ordering
Spare Seal Carrier Imperial Sizes

Rudder Collars 3 pages
Rudder Collar Overview
Rudder Collar Imperial Sizes
Rudder Collar Metric Sizes

Rudder Lip Seals 4 pages
Lip Seal Overview
Lip Seal Before Ordering
Lip Seal Imperial Sizes
Lip Seal Metric Sizes

FRP Tubing 1 pages
FRP Tube Overview

SailTrack FAQ'S 5 pages
Track Flap
Track is too long
Track is too short
Track doesn't fit
Sail area guidelines
Company Policies & Certifications 7 pages
Terms and Conditions
Custom Parts
Pr1vacy Policy
Return Policy
Shipping Information
Warranty Policy
ABS/Lloyds Certificates

Customer Forms 6 pages
Contact Us
SureSeal Comments Form
SailTrack Comments Form
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Add My Location Form
Failure Report Form

Information Pages 8 pages
Company Locations
About Us
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