Since 1991, Tides Marine has provided essential marine components to the marine industry. At Tides, providing excellent customer service is our no. 1 priority and we proudly manufacture our Shaft Seals, Rudder Bearings and Sail Track in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our products improve vessel performance and reliability, solve unique system issues, reduce the need for scheduled maintenance and provide worry-free, long-term boating enjoyment. We are the US Master Distributor for MATE-USA Pumps, Horns & Rubrail as well as Super Stainless, a gel based, non-abrasive, stainless steel cleaning agent.

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Enter your 6 digit serial number below. If your serial number is for a SureSeal Housing, also called an FSA (Fiber Seal Housing), you will also see a list of the parts that makeup the FSA.

Below are 3 examples of Tides Marine products with their serial numbers and where to find them.

SureSeal Shaft Seal Serial Number
The serial number on the SureSeal Shaft Seal will usually end up on the bottom when installed in the vessel. It is located on the riser portion of the SureSeal body in front of the hose.

URB Standard Serial Number
The serial number on the URB-STD is located on the flange. This particular serial number is an OLD Style serial number. The current serial numbers look as the one above and below this one.

RPB-C Rudder Bearing Serial Number

The serial number on the RPB-C Rudder Bearing is located on the flange.